Any finishes or chemicals applied to our fabrics could affect the color, texture and/or hand of the fabric. WeaveUp takes no responsibility for any changes as a result of customer finishing.

Our Huesteria™ leggings and accessories should not be used for color matching. These items do not represent an accurate color match to our printed fabrics. To find an accurate color match, we recommend you use our Huesteria™ Palette, available here.

There are a couple of reasons why a design that is 12 colors or less not customizable:

  1. There was a flaw found on your design that forced our Curation Team to disable the Color Customization.
  2. Your design had less than 12 colors to the naked eye, but once inspected, our team found more.

Useful Content:

To place a fabric order, visit our Design Library and click the pattern you would like to purchase. On this page, you can select a product size (sample or 54″ wide yardage) and a fabric type. You’re given the option to include a project name which will be printed on your fabric, allowing you to stay organized through your project. After this form is complete, simply click Add To Cart and then Check Out.

To order Huesteria™ products or design tools, select the color or size variation you want to purchase and click “Add to Cart.”

Yes! We always recommend you order a sample prior to ordering yardage to ensure the color and scale of your design is exactly as you want it. Simply select Sample when ordering a design. Our samples include a large printed area (13” wide x 7” high) and a header with customized information to help you keep your projects organized, see below.


Standard processing time for orders is 3-5 business days.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club credit cards. Since all orders are printed on-demand, your credit card will be charged in full when your order is placed.

Payments are processed by Stripe, a trusted payment solution used by thousands of large and small businesses. WeaveUp does not store any credit card info on our servers. Stripe is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification.

Since WeaveUp fabric orders are custom printed on-demand, we are unable to cancel or change orders after they have been processed.

To cancel or change a Huesteria™ apparel order, please email support@weaveup.com as soon as possible.

You will receive an email receipt shortly after we receive your order. If you do not see this email within 24 hours of placing your order, please email support@weaveup.com to confirm that your order has been received.

You will receive a second email when your order ships to let you know that it is on the way.

You can view past and present orders under Account Details within your My WeaveUp account page.

If you are looking to order the same design a second time, the quickest way is to find it in your Purchase History within your Account Details.  Once there, select the design you would like to re-order and follow the standard Shop Design process.

Ordering a sample of your design is always a good idea and allows you to confirm the color and scale of your design. Due to the variation in screen calibration from computer to computer, we cannot guarantee a visual color match unless you order a fabric sample of your design.

For most accurate color matching, we recommend using our Huesteria™ Palette or Huesteria™ Mini Guide, which includes LAB color values for hundreds of color chips.

You can upload your original designs, images you own, or designs from the public domain. You cannot upload images or patterns created or owned by others including artwork, photography, or textile designs. For the legal details surrounding design upload, please review our Terms of Use.

Your file must follow these minimum guidelines:

  • File Size: 35MB or less.
  • Preferred File Type for Customization: .tiff
  • Other Acceptable Files: .png & .jpeg (Note: .jpeg files are not color-customizable).
  • Files must be rastered (flat, no layers).
  • WeaveUp will change the DPI of your work to 150DPI. If your file has a higher number, the objects will be larger.

Helpful Links:

If you are uploading a raster design, TIFF, JPEG, or PNG, please note that we print our fabrics at 150 dots per inch (dpi). This means you need at least 150 pixels for each inch of printed fabric. To maintain print quality, our Customizer warns you if you attempt to scale your design beyond the 150dpi limits.

If you intend to print one motif across the width of the fabric, you will need to create a file 8100 pixels in width. We suggest designing in square or rectangular repeats and using our tool to repeat your design across the width of the fabric.

If you are interested in selling your designs on WeaveUp, we recommend sizing your designs large enough so that users have a variety of scale options when changing the number of repeats in our Customizer. For instance, if you design a single motif at 2025 pixels wide, this allows other users to scale up your design to fit 4 repeats across the width of 54” fabric or scale it down as desired.

The chart below provides a quick reference of the motif size you’ll need to print at various repeat sizes.

If you have more questions about repeat styles or need additional explanation for your project, please contact design@weaveup.com.

When designing textiles, consider your end use for the fabric and think about scale and size of the motif.  Our Customizer makes scaling your designs effortless by allowing you to choose the number of repeats across the width of the fabric.

We recommend you update a single repeat of your design and use the repeat function in our Customizer to repeat your design.

Commissions are based on the percentage of the net sales price on a per-sale basis. The net sales price is the price at which we sold the good to a consumer or partner, including discounts and excluding sales tax and shipping costs.

Where Sold NET Commission
WeaveUp.com 200 yds/mtrs or less 10%
WeaveUp.com 201 yds/mtrs or more 3%
Partners 1 yd/mtr or more 3%


Visit our Commissions Page

Direct-to-consumer Example

If a consumer on weaveup.com (an interior decorator for instance) ordered 300 yards of fabric printed with Sophie’s design, Sophie would earn 10% on the first 200 yards, and 3% on the 100 additional yards.

Partner Example

If a client of one of our partners ordered 300 yards of fabric printed with WeaveUp artist Sophie’s design, Sophie would receive 3% of our net sale price on that order.

*Our partners include commercial manufacturers, retailers, etc. These clients tend to order hundreds of yards at a time. You can learn about our partners here.

If you have questions regarding our commission structure, please email us at support@weaveup.com.

A design motif is a single instance of a design element that you intend to repeat throughout a surface design.  These motifs can be displayed in different repeat styles, which refers to how a motif is repeated horizontally and vertically across a fabric.  Ensuring your motif repeats seamlessly across a length of fabric is critical for a smooth, professional look.

We offer four repeat styles:

WeaveUp Basic Repeat



Basic: Also referred to as a block repeat, this is the simplest repeat style. Your motif is designed as a rectangle that is repeated in a simple grid across the length and width of the fabric.






WeaveUp Half Drop Repeat




Half-drop: Imagine a brick wall rotated 90 degrees: that is a half-drop repeat. Your motif is repeated in columns, with each column stepping down halfway.





Brick Repeat




Half-brick: This repeat style most closely resembles a brick wall. Your motif is repeated in rows, with each row stepping sideways halfway.





WeaveUp Mirror Repeat




4-way mirror: This repeat style mirrors your motif both vertically and horizontally, creating an entirely new look for your design.





Every fabric will receive color differently when printing, due to differences in weave, yarn size, and composition.  Because of this, we recommend ordering a sample of your design on the fabric you think best fits your end use.  We also encourage you to reference our Fabric Guide for visual examples of how each fabric takes ink. For samples of available fabric options, you can order a WeaveUp Starter Kit containing 20 printed fabric samples.

We always recommend ordering a sample of your design before committing to yardage.  This is the only way to guarantee the color and scale you’ve selected will meet your needs.

To achieve the most predictable and consistent color match, we work in LAB color mode, as it is device-independent with a large color gamut. Our printers are capable of exceeding the sRGB color mode used by other companies, allowing you to achieve vibrant, saturated colors.

Use of our Huesteria™ Color Palette or Huesteria™ Mini Guide, containing color chips and corresponding LAB values, is the best way to achieve predictable color when printing. Use these values in our Customizer or when creating files in your desktop program (in LAB color mode)and you will be able to achieve a very close, if not exact, color match for every project.

If you would like to add our Huesteria™ Palette colors to your Adobe swatch books in Illustrator or Photoshop, click here to download an ASE file.

Keep in mind that colors can change from monitor to monitor, or from a computer to a mobile device.  You should always order a sample of your design before committing to yardage or work directly from our Huesteria™ Palette to ensure a color match.

Each fabric takes color slightly differently due to physical differences in weave and yarn content. Sheer fabrics, for example, are not capable of achieving super-saturated colors due to their open weave. Please visit our Fabric Guide for a better understanding of each fabric we print on. For samples of available fabric options, you can order a WeaveUp Starter Kit, which contains 20 printed fabric samples and a Huesteria™ Mini Guide.

For best results and to achieve color-customization:


  • We recommend you export your files as TIFF*.
  • Maximum file size is 35MB.
  • Color mode: LAB or Indexed. 12 Colors or less.
  • Minimum 150DPI.  The higher the resolution of your original file, the larger you and other WeaveUp users may scale your designs using the WeaveUp Customizer.
  • Ensure your files are clean and crisp.
  • Double-check your design’s repeats.

* Our system does accept JPEG, however, color-customization is not available for this file-format but are still scale and repeat editable.


  • We do not recommend uploading CMYK files.
  • We do not recommend uploading PNG files.
  • Upsize your design to a point where it looks pixelated. Fuzzy edges, stray pixels and repeat pixel lines will show in print.

Please note: If you choose to make your design for sale on our website, it will go through our Curation Process and, if chosen, will be unavailable for a few days while it’s being inspected.

WeaveUp gives you opportunities to generate more sales, and more income, from your designs. We pay competitive commissions and our marketplace gives you the unique opportunity to sell your work to multiple high-value audiences:

  1. A growing worldwide audience of home décor buyers who are looking for unique, customizable designs
  2. Thousands of commercial designers who select and specify designs for commercial interiors and the the world’s finest hospitality properties. Our exclusive partnerships allow you the opportunity to compete for large-scale commercial opportunities with high commission potential. Traditionally these opportunities have been limited to a select handful of well-connected designers. We are leveling the playing field.


  1. Create your design by following our guidelines.
  2. Upload your design in WeaveUp.
  3. Mark your design as “Public”.


  1. We inspect the design and ensure it’s technically sound and works in our Design Library.
  2. If your design is not approved, it will be kept “Private” in your account.
  3. If your design is approved, it will be placed in our Design Library in a few days.

Note: Due to the high volume of designs submitted, we aren’t always able to reach out to each designer about each design they submit, to see if your design is available in our website, you can Sign Out of your account, and search for it by name in our library (be sure to change the filter to “All” when doing this).

WeaveUp is a dynamic marketplace with a variety of ways to get your designs in front of excited buyers and increase your opportunity for a sale.  Here are some ways to increase your visibility:

  • Tag your designs: Adding up to five tags during upload helps our search tools accurately classify and present your designs to other WeaveUp users.
  • Write a meaningful design description: Not only does this help our search tools find relevant designs, it also allows a buyer to connect with an artist in a personal way.
  • Engage with other users: We’ve built powerful community tools to engage our WeaveUp users – use them! Love other designers’ work, Tack inspiring designs to your boards, and comment on color derivatives of your designs by other users.
  • Create a rich profile: A personal headshot or profile photo, a nice description, and your location give buyers another way to connect with you.
  • Create multiple colorways of your designs: This one is easy using our Customizer! The more colorways of your design, the more likely it is to appear in front of an eager buyer.
  • Upload often: Refreshing your design portfolio is a great way to attract attention and keep your followers excited.

You earn commission on your published original design and all derivative designs, published or unpublished, including any colorways and repeat/scale variations of your design created by other WeaveUp users.

Yes, as long as the design has been published to the WeaveUp Design Library. Your purchase of an unpublished design is not eligible for a commission.

To track past sales, check out the My Commissions section under your Account Details.

When making a purchase on WeaveUp, you always have the option to apply your Earned Commission balance toward your order total. Once your Earned Commission balance has reached $20.00, you may request a payment via PayPal from your Account Details page.

Please note: WeaveUp uses PayPal to pay Earned Commissions, it is your responsibility to review PayPal’s Money Receiving Policies for your country to ensure that you are able to use the funds.

WeaveUp pays the transfer fee when you request a payment via PayPal. If an issue arises or you are concerned about this fee, please contact support@weaveup.com.

You can view your commission balance by visiting your Account Details under My WeaveUp.  The Pending Commissions section shows you sales of your designs processed in the past 45 days.  These commissions are not yet available for withdrawl.  The Earned Commissions section shows you commissions that are ready to be transferred via PayPal or used as credit towards a WeaveUp purchase.

We leave 45 days between the day you make a sale and the day you earn a commission to account for any order issues.

Yes. The only catch is that in return for giving you the opportunity to have your designs sold to large commercial clients, we ask for exclusivity in the Hospitality Field (including hotels, motels, casinos, restaurants, and assisted living facilities) during the time period that your design is published to the WeaveUp Design Library and for a period of twenty-four (24) months after your design is removed from our website. This extended time period is necessary due to the long (12-24 month) sales cycle needed to complete sales to hospitality clients.

You can edit the title, description, thumbnail, and tags of a design you have previously uploaded by clicking edit design details on the design’s page. See the screenshot below for an example.

You may delete designs that you have uploaded or customized by clicking the “Edit Design Details” button when viewing the designs detail page. Due to the long sales process involved in selling to our commercial partners, however, some designs may not be immediately deleted, but subject to delayed deletion for a 24-month period to allow us to finalize sales to these commercial customers. For details, visit the Artist section of the Terms of Use.

Any U.S. person selling designs on WeaveUp is required to complete a W-9 form. The IRS defines a U.S. person as:

  • An individual who is a U.S. citizen or U.S. resident alien;
  • A partnership, corporation, company, or association created or organized in the United States or under the laws of the United States;
  • An estate (other than a foreign estate); or
  • A domestic trust (as defined in Regulations section 301.7701-7).

If you do not want to sell your designs but do want to upload a design and purchase fabric for yourself, you do not need to fill out a W-9 form.

We use a third party service called RightSignature to facilitate the W-9 collection process. They use advanced security technology to protect your submitted information. WeaveUp will not store these forms on our servers and will only access the information stored at RightSignature to facilitate the preparation of appropriate IRS reports.

We are required to collect a W-9 from WeaveUp artists to facilitate our annual reporting requirements for the IRS. WeaveUp is required to submit this information to the IRS for all users that earn in excess of $10 in commissions per calendar year.

Yes, you must complete a W-9 to either receive a payment via PayPal or to use your commission as a credit on a WeaveUp order.

Print-on-demand is a system of printing individual copies of text, art, fabric, etc., using digital technology. It keeps the best of the printing process – a high quality finished product – while eliminating the need for large volume print runs and the associated minimum order amounts.

Digital textile printing has many advantages over traditional printing methods.

  • Design Freedom – Digital printing allows designers, amateur and professional alike, to produce nearly any design in any color. Digital also allows designers to use much larger repeat sizes than is possible using traditional rotary printing.
  • Short production runs – digital printing allows us to produce competitively priced products at quantities as small as a yard of fabric.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Digital printing uses less energy than traditional printing methods due to reduced ink evaporation and drying times. Printing on demand wastes less material than traditional printing techniques since only the exact amount of material needed is consumed in the production process. Digital printing also greatly reduces the amount of waste water and ink being discharged after production.
  • Domestic Printing – While nearly all traditional fabric printing has moved offshore, the on-demand nature of digital printing allows WeaveUp to print fabrics on-demand in the USA. This further reduces environmental impact as it avoids extended shipping distances.

When printing on demand, only the materials and energy necessary to complete a single order are consumed, reducing water usage and ink and fabric waste.

You can view our entire fabric library, including photos, details, and end uses, on our Base Cloth Library page.  To see the fabrics in person, we suggest you order a WeaveUp Starter Kit.

Unfortunately, no. In order to maintain the highest quality finished product our printers and inks are calibrated specifically for our fabrics.

Not yet.  We are working to expand our delivery capabilities and will keep our users updated via email newsletters and social media.

We do, however allow for Canadian billing addresses.

Please allow 3-5 business days for us to process your order. Shipping times depend on your chosen method of delivery. View transit times for each shipping method in the shopping cart.

To change your shipping address, simply edit your saved address under Account Details on your My WeaveUp page. These changes will only affect new orders. If you need to change the delivery address for an order that is in-process, please contact support@weaveup.com.

Since all WeaveUp fabric orders are printed on-demand, we are unable to accept returns unless an order was damaged during shipping or defective. In the case of shipping damage or defects please email us at support@weaveup.com and our support team will be happy to arrange for an immediate replacement or refund.

For orders of the Huesteria™ Collection, you can return any unworn, unwashed,unused items for 30 days after purchase. WeaveUp will not pay for return shipping. Please email support@weaveup.com to initiate your return.

We ship via U.S. Postal Service and FedEx for USA orders.

Shipping is free for all samples and for the WeaveUp Starter Kit. For all other orders, your shipping charges will be computed based on the size and weight of your order.

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