Here at WeaveUp headquarters, we often get questions about commissions and how they are structured. While a lot of this information can be found in our FAQ’s page, we thought it might be nice to dive a little deeper into the commissions world, and, what you can do as a designer to maximize those. The first thing to note is that we work with various clients, some we call “Consumers” and some we call “Partners.” While there are many differences between the two, the most notable differences can be explained below:

Consumers: can be anybody on our website including yourself, independent of what type of business they are in or the purpose of their order. Orders placed by “Consumers” earn you 10% on the first 200 yards, and 3% on each additional yard after that.*

Partners: are commercial clients, who have service terms with us. Our partners include from commercial manufacturers, retailers, and, everything in between. Orders placed by “Partners” earn you 3% of the sale.*

The above chart explains the commission difference between sale to a consumer vs a sale to a partner. 

Maximize your chances

There are many things you can do to maximize your earnings. Here are the top three:

1. Promote your work: We often receive requests from our manufacturing and retail partners to curate design boards for them. Our Design Team is often putting together collections to help promote your work based on their needs. The beauty of our platform is that if you design is color-editable, it makes it easy to coordinate with other designs in our website, creating unique, sometimes unexpected collections. As a designer, you can promote your work in social media and within your design circles. Here are some tips:

Social Media:

  • Instagram is a great place to add your designs, and tag @weaveup, this gives our Social Media Team a chance to find your posts, and, #repost them if possible. If you aren’t following us, our Instagram Handle is WeaveUp. Click here to view.
  • Pinterest boards are an amazing place to showcase your work and your favorite designs in our website. Our Pinterest account is full of design inspiration, designer shout outs, and links back to our pages.
  • We are also on Facebook, so be sure to tag us when you share your work there. If you “follow” our page and you’re a designer, we’ll be sure to follow you back!

Your WeaveUp Profile:

  • Enrich your profile: Let customers and other artists know who you are! Upload a headshot, include a link to your website, and write a personal description. Revealing your real name and location via our profile controls creates a tighter connection with other WeaveUp users.
  • Writing great design descriptions: Give your designs a dash of personality with an inspired description and a fun, meaningful title.  Learn more about creating a great design description here.
  • Use meaningful tags: The design tags you select during upload support our search tools; ensure that your designs are tagged as accurately as possible so that eager buyers can find them.
  • Engage with other users: Leave comments for users who create unique colorways of your designs, Tack your favorite designs to your design boards, Love designs, and Follow users you find interesting.
  • Create multiple colorways: Creating colorways of your design is easy using our Customizer. The more colorways you make of a single design, the more likely it is that your work will show up in front of buyers.
  • Upload often: Refreshing your design portfolio is a great way to attract attention and keep your Followers excited. This is easy using our Customizer to create new colorways of your artwork or uploading new designs.

2. Your Designs: We have a wealth of information to help you maximize your design’s potential. Here are some great articles that will help you with this:

In many ways, our Design Team is your advocate. We strive to ensure that all designs uploaded on WeaveUp are free of technical issues through our Curation Process, plus, we help promote your designs to our Partners. It greatly improves your chances of selling your designs if you are responsive and timely, some of the reasons we often contact Designers are:

  • Curation: We curate designs once they’re uploaded onto WeaveUp, the idea behind this is that the design should be free of technical flaws such as seamless repeats and stray pixels among other things. If there’s something in your file that needs to be addressed, we will reach out to you and help you correct it.
  • Special requests from our Partners: sometimes, our Partners will ask if a design can be rescaled, color-edited, move an element, etc.

3. Design with relevance and trend in mind: Something valuable to keep in mind that most of our clients are in the decorating industry and this ranges from residential to commercial settings. Creating designs scaled properly for home dec, and set up in ways that they can be recolored can make a huge difference in your selling experience here at WeaveUp. Sign up for our newsletter, as to share trend information on those. We also share a lot of relevant design information on our Pinterest Page.

Cashing in: earned commissions are on hold for 45 days, once the hold is released, there are a couple of ways you can cash in. If the amount is under $20, use it as a credit, and use it towards purchases. Once the amount reaches more than $20, you can receive a payout via Paypal. Doing this is easy, you can locate this information under “Account details” when you log in. Here’s a chart that explains funds availability:

* Pricing structure between Consumers and Partners also differ based on volume agreements. On all accounts, commissions exclude shipping and tax amounts. Discounts also affect your commission.