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Your designs have the potential to reach thousands of other users who might want to buy or customize your work. With that in mind, please take the following guidelines into consideration:

  • Watch the Color Settings.
  • Refrain from Variations.
  • Flawless Layout & Repeats.
  • Scale Accordingly.
  • Make Design Details Shine.


If you wish for your design to be color-customizable, it needs to be 12 unique colors or less. LAB or RGB. For additional information, please refer to these resources:

    1. Optimize your design’s colors to be WeaveUp ready.
    2. How to create an Indexed file
    3. Color 101

Layout & Repeats.

The design must be created with seamless repeats. designs are used to be printed onto surfaces that range in width and length, the design must repeat nicely and seamlessly both horizontally and vertically. For additional information on how to create repeats, please refer to these resources:

        1. Create a design in under 3 minutes
        2. Change Repeat and Scale with our Customization Tool


Please do not submit variations of the same design, this includes different colorways, scale or tweaks. If you have color-separated your design properly, you’ll be able to do this with our Customization Tool, and this will allow for all variations to be grouped together for a better buyer experience.


150DPI is recommended. Motifs are preferred to be large as with our Customization Tool your design can be minimized.

Design Details.

Help customers find your designs by naming them descriptively, adding meaningful descriptions and tags. Please refrain from naming the designs with version names, colors and numbers. Please refer to this information for more help:

    1. Design Descriptions Make Your Patterns Pop