Assuming you already created a gorgeous design, and, followed our art recommendation, you are now ready to upload an image onto our platform! If you haven’t read these instructions, it might be best to do so, as you can ensure your design is optimized to be uploaded and customized within our platform.

The process is very simple, and easy to follow:

When you visit WeaveUp, click on “Create” located on our top navigation:

Click on the button that reads: “UPLOAD DESIGN”. { Side note: If you continue scrolling on this page, you will find other useful information that will help you upload more optimized designs }.


Step 1: Upload your Design.

You will be taken to the “Upload your designs” page, make sure you read through the Upload Tips, which contain very useful information about how your files should be set up. You can also find more rich information on how to set up your files on this link. Read and agree to the terms, and click “UPLOAD”.

Step 2: Design Information.

Add a descriptive Title and rich Description, having relevant, rich information to this section, using accurate keywords within it will help your design be found by the world. Please refrain from adding colors to the information, especially if your design will be color-editable.


Step 3: Select Repeats.

Set up your repeats, play around with the repeat styles, most designs will be “basic” repeats, but some might also work well with the other repeats.

Step 4: Save or Publish.

Select between “SAVE” or “PUBLISH”, don’t worry, if you’re not ready to make your design public, you can go back and do it later:

  • PUBLISH: When you select this option, your design will go into our Curation Process where our Design Team will inspect it and ensure that is has no technical issues, and, if possible, allow it to be color-editable. This process can take a few days. Once your design is curated, it is then shared with the world.
  • SAVE: will save the design within your library. but you will be the only person who will be able to view it. It will not be for sale or enter our Curation Process.