Get professional, sound design critique to ensure that your work
is flawless and does not cause unwanted printed results.


How it Works


  1. Create your design by following our guidelines.
  2. Upload your design in WeaveUp.
  3. Mark your design as “Public”.


  1. We inspect the design and ensure it’s technically sound and works in our Design Library.
  2. If your design is not approved, it will be kept “Private” in your account.
  3. If your design is approved, it will be placed in our Design Library in a few days.

Note: Due to the high volume of designs submitted, we aren’t always able to reach out to each designer about each design they submit, to see if your design is available in our website, you can Sign Out of your account, and search for it by name in our library (be sure to change the filter to “All” when doing this).

“WeaveUp has helped me expand my reach by connecting me globally with new clients that otherwise I would not have the opportunity to find.”

Donna Skupien

What We Look For.

Above all, we are looking for designs that have the potential to sell. Here are some of the qualities we look for:


The designs are meant to be used for fabric and wallpaper, therefore they must:

  • Have seamless repeats.
  • Objects should be well distributed.
  • Colors should be properly separated (If it’s meant to be color-customizable).
  • Clean and free of stray pixels and cut off objects.



We want designs to be unique, fresh, and that will sell, so they must be:

  • Esthetically pleasing.
  • Attractive to our clients.

Looking for more specifics? We have a blog post for that!

WeaveUp’s Curation Process

Where we sell.

Our clients range from hotels to retail stores, to many things in between. Located in the US, Australia, UK, Germany and Mexico, clients look for unique designs that will attract customers for them.

Typically, orders through these clients can be quite large! This is where the Curation service becomes so important. Through curation, we:

  • Inspect designs for flaws such as repeat issues, pixels, improper color-separation/color-reduction etc.
  • Do our best to ensure that the design is not violating copyright regulations – responsibility for this falls on the person who uploads designs, we are a second set of eyes.
  • Review that the naming, description and tags associated with the design are appropriate.
  • Distribute the design inside different channels that we may find your design to be a good fit.