What sets WeaveUp apart from other platforms is that we work directly with manufacturers, fabric mills, and retail stores to bring them new, fresh, beautiful designs – We mend the gap between designers and buyers. 

In these worlds, commissions fluctuate. We find a balance between cost-effectiveness for companies and lucrativeness for our Artists.

How Much.

3 – 10% from the Net,
depending on the sale.

Commissions start at around $0.07 for samples.

View Table.


45 Days after the sale posts.

Can be used for purchases or cash out after
your commissions reach $20 or more.


Buy fabric with your earnings, or,

request your funds under your “Account Details”.

W-9 for US Citizens and PayPal Required to Cash Out.

What if.

  • W-9 forms are only for US Citizens. No need to fill out if you’re international.
  • PayPal is the one and only way we pay out commissions. Be sure you have or can have an account based on their rules.
  • We can only cash out on orders over $20. No exemptions.

Commissions Life Cycle.

  1. Order gets placed in our system. Your commissions will post under “Pending Commissions”.
  2. 45 Days later, these commissions become usable in our website as a credit, or, once you reach over $20 you can cash out.
  3. If you’ve reached $20 or more, you can request for your funds to be transferred to your PayPal account.

Request Funds.

  1. Sign into your WeaveUp Account.
  2. Click on “Account Details”
  3. Scroll to “My Earnings”.
  4. Fill out the questionnaire to see if you need to fill out a W-9 form.
  5. If necessary, complete the W-9 form.
  6. Once this is done, you will see a button that reads “Request Funds”.
  7. We receive the request, and our Accounting department submits the payment. This usually takes a couple of business days.

View Sold Designs.

  • Designs sold are only visible once the funds become available. Click on the order number and a thumbnail will appear with the design name.
  • If you click on the thumbnail and get to a 404 page, it means that the customization of the design was marked “Private”, therefore not viewable to anyone other than the customizing person.

Commission Table.

Where Sold NET Commission 200 yds/mtrs or less 10% 201 yds/mtrs or more 3%
Partners 1 yd/mtr or more 3%