You can change design colors with our WeaveUp platform! Assuming that a design has been Optimized {click here to learn more about this},  you can change the color, repeat and scale.

We use LAB and RGB/HEX Color Settings, the biggest difference between the two is that you can find more color values on the LAB space than you can  on RGB/HEX. There are many ways to change design colors in our platform, let’s take a closer look.

Change Design Colors.

change design colors, current colors and where they are located

Current Colors.

If the design is customizable, you will see all the “color chips” appear on this tool. On each color you will have the option to “Copy” it with the color-drop icon, or “Paste” a color with the drop icon.

change design colors, lab values

LAB Values.

If you are working with our Huesteria Palette or Mini Guide, you’ll notice that we use LAB colors. We explain LAB colors below:

  • L for lightness: 0 to 100, zero represents darkness, therefore one hundred represents lightness.
  • A for green to red: -128 to 127, the lower the number, the greener it gets. If you want more red, then, the number should be higher.
  • B for blue to yellow: -128 to 127, the lower the number, the bluer it gets. If you want more yellow, then, the number should be higher.


change design colors, lab values explained

This is a LAB Color Value Chart


change design colors, color picker, how to use

Color Picker.

If you prefer to move the mouse around, the color picker is right for you! Simply move and slide the small circle around the color wheel to find the color you are looking for. When the selector moves, the numbers around the tool change, therefore changing the design colors to what you select.

Lightness Slider.

This slider will show you different versions of the color you selected from lighter to darker.

change design colors, lightness slider

RGB Values & HEX Codes.

These are very tightly related, they both live in the same color space. As one writer added to their blog post: “HEX color code is shorthand for its RGB values with a little conversion gymnastics in between”.  We explain RGB colors as follow:

  • R for red: 0 to 255, if the number is closer to 255, then it will have more red.
  • G for green: 0 to 255, if the number is closer to 255, then it will have more green.
  • B is for blue: 0 to 255, if the number is closer to 255, then it will have more blue.

change design colors, rgb explained, how to use and change colors

My Colors.

Create your own palettes! As you work with the designs, you can save colors. Clicking on the “+” sign, you can add up to 12 colors to each palette you create.

change design colors, how to save your own palettes

Saving Your Own Palettes.

This tool makes it easier to create collections, make coordinates, and save your favorite colors.

change design colors, save your palettes for later

Featured Palettes.

Select from our Pre-Curated Palette Collections.

change design colors, use one of our palettes

change design colors, how much a design can change with a few simple clicks

The image above, shows how a design can be changed in 6 different ways.