The always fun geometric presence is strong this season, suitable for home decoration and fashion, these types of prints are not only versatile, but super fun and clean.

With our Customization Tool, you can change up the colors, scale and repeat of a design, a fun, bold design can easily be turned into a more sophisticated and grown up print:

Here at the WeaveUp Headquarters, we’ve noticed a trend with fun geometrics, inside and outside of our community:

Simple, clean decor with a punch of fun geometric provides the perfect balance between minimalistic and fun:

Modern nature-inspired home decor with white walls, posters, cork accessories, wooden floor, bed, rack and green details

Modern creative room decorated with wooden accessories

Bright modern room with creative paper lamp and pastel decoration

A multicolor IKEA BRUNKRISSLA quilt cover and pillowcase with a pattern of big squares in different pink and blue hues.


Designers and buyers have also been busy creating fun shapes with geometric feel:

Ella and Fox


Sarah Corynen


Nancy Wolff