Starting today, perfection comes home.

WeaveUp is solving the difficult problem of coordinating designs, colors, and the right fabric. We’re giving you the power to turn your vision into reality.

To find a design you like, search our Design Library. You’ll see thousands of designs from artists around the world. These artists work in different disciplines – painting, drawing, photography, and textiles. If you don’t see a design you like or you want to print your own designs, upload your own artwork. You can even sell this artwork to other WeaveUp users if you choose to publish your designs.

Our Customization Tool makes it easy to change the color, repeat, and scale of your designs. Combined with our Huesteria color palette, you can easily match colors on your screen to colors in your home.

Our fabric catalog includes cloths from the finest mills in the world. The process of sourcing, testing, and curating these fabrics has taken years. The interaction between our base cloths and our printing process results in a saturated, detailed print that won’t wash out. Not only do these fabrics feel good, they look good.

Whether you want to upload your own artwork, customize existing patterns, or sell your designs, the power is in your hands. For shopping and customizing on-the-go, check out our app for iPad and iPhone.


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