Have you been seeing lush, vibrant wallpaper adorning your Pinterest feed or favorite blogs?  Are you wondering how to bring it to your home?  Good news! WeaveUp is entering the world of wallcoverings! We think wallpaper is another great way to help you customize your home.  Soon, coordinating color and patterns across fabrics and walls will be quicker, easier, and less stressful than ever.

As of today, trade customers can sample and buy printed wallcoverings through WeaveUp.  We will offer wallpaper and coverings to everyone in a few weeks, so stay tuned!

We worked with one of the world’s leading manufacturers to bring the best wallcovering options to our trade customers.  They range from textured to smooth and glossy – check out some of our favorites below!

Channel an Italian villa with the time-honored Stucco texture.


Add a fabric feel to your walls with this subtle Canvas texture.

Bright and bold, the Silver Texture is sure to spark conversation.

What’s in it for our artists?

Our wallcovering partner is bringing our Design Library to tens of thousands of clients, exposing your designs to more commercial customers.  Commercial designers often order hundreds of yards of material at a time – your commission on a trade order could be 20-30 times greater than a sale to an individual customer.  Have a design in mind for wallcoverings? Upload it today!

Be sure to check back in a few weeks for an announcement about residential wallcovering orders!