We are thrilled to announce WeaveUp’s first global partnership! We are teaming up with Materialised, an Australian textile specialist and early adopter of digital printing. Materialised will be utilizing our new Print Room Optimizer software and their commercial clients will be shopping our catalog of customizable designs.

Family owned and operated for 36 years, Materialised is a textile leader in healthcare, hospitality, and education. They have supplied some of the finest projects across Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands. Learn more about Materialised here.

What does this mean for you?

Materialised will be uploading their extensive collection of textile designs to our Design Library. In the past, purchasing these fabrics would have required special sourcing and global shipping costs. Soon, you will be able to purchase these prints from WeaveUp in minutes.

This new partnership also means even more commercial designers will be shopping your designs. These designers often order hundreds – even thousands – of yards at a time. Your commission on an order from Materialised could be far greater than a sale to an individual. Be sure to optimize your artwork for color, repeat, and scale customization, ensuring these customers can make the most of your designs.

Questions, concerns, comments? Please contact support@weaveup.com with your thoughts. For press inquiries, please email marketing@weaveup.com.