A design description on WeaveUp should do two things: help other users find your designs using keyword searches and provide potential buyers with an emotional connection to a pattern. We’ll walk you through how to craft an optimized description with a few quick tips after the jump.

The anatomy of a good description

A great title and description means your design will show up in the search results for a relevant keyword. Follow these guidelines to make the most of your 300 characters.

  • Create a romantic title that describes the pattern. Use a keyword: is this a block print, a damask, a geometric?
  • Write a description that enchants the reader and gives them a visual idea of what this design can do for their space.
  • Discuss design details and use keywords.
  • It’s never a bad idea to include a prompt for the reader to take action such as “Recolor to match your space!”
  • You can tell the reader where you envision this pattern in the home: pillows, upholstery, curtains, etc.

Here are some examples of great design descriptions:

Surf Break: Inspired by waves, this fluid watercolor print is sure to leave a stylish impression on any interior. Recolor to match your style!

Glided Matrix: This mosaic-inspired pattern packs a real punch, no matter what color. Makes great pillows and curtains.

Triangulate: These festive triangles will surely brighten your day.

Don’t skimp on the details

Poorly written titles and descriptions are written in fragments with incorrect grammar, are single words, or are not relevant to the pattern design. Here are some examples:

Violet Flowers: violet flowers

Spring Blooms: inspired by daisies

Tags are important too!

Once you’ve written your stellar description, you need to add relevant tags so users can find your design quickly. This is done after you’ve selected to publish your design. Be sure to use as many relevant tags as you can, up to five.

Now you’re ready to tackle design descriptions. Good luck!

And remember: you can always edit a previously published design description by clicking “edit design details” on the design’s page. 

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