Here at WeaveUp, we believe in the power of color. Color can transform a space, change your mood, or brighten your day. The more we worked with our Huesteria™ Palette, the more we felt the good vibes this gorgeous color grid exudes, and an idea sparked. What if we could take our favorite color palette out into the world, everyday? The Huesteria Apparel Collection was born.

Our first product line includes kids and adult leggings, scarves, bags, and mens’ accessories. Most products are available in our signature colorway, Prism, which encompasses hues from across the rainbow. Many products are also available in additional colorways such as Aqua, Rouge and Neutral.


Huesteria Yoga













Our leggings are ideal for trips to the grocery store, yoga practice, or a leisurely walk. The spandex/polyester fabric stretches in just the right places. We ensured that the arrangement of the color chips would provide optimal slimming and body contouring. Plus – the fabric is so soft it feels like a second skin.  You can even match your leggings with your little one with our youth leggings, which come in five sizes and are ideal for kids from 6 to 16 years old.

We used our Luxury Satin fabric to craft the mens’ accessories including neckties, bowties, and pocket squares.  The fabric has a high sheen and is perfect for adding a little spunk to an everyday outfit.  We especially love how a single pocket square can be folded in multiple ways to showcase different shades of color.

You can shop our entire Huesteria collection here. Be sure to share your style using #huesteria!