We are thrilled to announce that our Design Library has reached an exciting milestone.  There are now over 10,000 published fabric patterns in our Library.  This includes both original uploaded artwork and published color or repeat customizations of these designs that you have created!

This means there are now over 10,000 designs you can shop, print, feel inspired by, quilt with, refresh your dining room drapes with… the possibilities are endless!  Stop settling for store bought fabric or prints that are too big or too small – WeaveUp allows you to create the repeat, color, and scale you need to make your finished product look perfect.

This could not have been possible without you, our users, embracing the products and tools we’ve built.  We want to offer a big THANK YOU to our community of textile artists, crafters, designers,  industry professionals, and fabric shoppers alike.

Wondering which design was the 10,000th? That award goes to a vibrant color customization of a design from a new artist, Leigh Forsstrom.  Our Content Manager, Sarah Grace, created this colorway for a sofa pillow refresh.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 11.03.51 AM

Dotted Links by Leigh Forsstrom

10,000 designs is just the beginning. New designs are being added to our Library every day.  To shop our newest designs, set your Sort to Newest in the Design Library search bar.

Here is a snapshot of some of your recent designs that helped us reach this milestone.

We cannot wait to see what this incredible community creates next.  Be sure to share your projects and designs using #weaveup!