This week we are wrapping up our series of commonly confused design styles. Read on below to learn about the Traditional and Transitional styles, and shop some of our favorite fabrics.


Referencing the 18th century, traditional designs create an Old World feel and evoke images of the pomp and luxury of England and France before the fateful revolutions. The essential tenet of this style is to engender a sense of softness and warmth alongside a courtly elegance. As a result, the traditional style can tend towards formality and is often considered more feminine.    

In terms of patterns, traditional interiors mainly feature elaborate damasks and brocades though we also see a lot of stripes and florals. There is a strong emphasis on symmetry and curved lines. Within the realm of fabric choice, velvet is a strong favorite. Traditional décor is very refined in its color palette, employing a neutral foundation with hints of more rich crimsons and browns, or lighter tints such as Wedgewood blue. The intended effect is ultimately one of subtle harmony.

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Persephone’s Garden

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French Tile

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Damask Delight


The transitional design style walks the line between traditional and contemporary looks. Also known as “updated classic,” it strikes a balance between the formal feel and warmth of traditional décor and the cooler and more removed look of contemporary interiors.  In this manner, it is intended to be both timeless and gender neutral. Overall, the main principle of transitional design is to attain a minimalism that is fresh and clean.  

As a result transitional textiles feature a lot of solids. Patterns, when utilized, are more graphic and color palettes are very subtle with an emphasis on neutrals and monochromatic schemes. Brown and grey are popular as are textural fabrics such as chenille.

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Logic Trail 2

WeaveUp transitional Custom fabrics

Watercolor Damask

WeaveUp transitional custom fabrics

Capri Links

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