One of the coolest features of WeaveUp’s customizer is the ability to change the repeat style of a design. WeaveUp offers four repeat styles: basic, half-brick, half-drop, and mirrored.

Today we’re going to talk about the mirrored repeat. In the screenshot below, you can see where to find the mirrored repeat button in our customizer.

The mirrored repeat can completely change the look of a design – we’ll explore that in a moment. Perhaps more importantly, the mirrored repeat makes it foolproof to create a seamless repeat – no surface design skills needed! You can turn any photo, artwork, or design into a repeating pattern by simply clicking the mirrored repeat button.

Let’s get back to the power of the mirrored repeat to transform a design. We experimented with the designs in our library and selected our favorite transformations, below. On the left is the design in basic repeat. On the right, the same design in mirrored repeat.

Falling Blend by JPanepinto

Abstract Waves by Jessika Neira

Livi Lane Chevron by BelindaSigstad

Graceful Wave by sarahgruber

You can see ever more transformations here. You’ll notice that some designs work much better with the mirrored repeat than others. In general, we’ve found that patterns with a clear directionality offer the best results. Keep a look out for designs with:

  1. Vertical or Horizontal Elements
  2. Diagonal Motifs
  3. Chevrons or Waves

Geometric designs also befit this repeat style as the shapes can effectively transform into new layers of symmetry.

Other designs, however, are not well suited to this repeat style. This is usually due to the positioning of the pattern’s repeated motif. It’s important to keep in mind that the mirroring can create awkward floating or broken components, disrupting the flow of the print. Keep your eyes peeled for these flaws when using the mirrored repeat.

We encourage you to give the mirrored repeat a try when you customize your next design! It only takes a second to try and it can really take your designs to the next level. We’d love to see what you create – leave a link in the comments!