Your WeaveUp profile is how other users get to know you. This is a place to show off your personality, link to your website, and Tack inspiring designs from our Library.  Having an engaging profile creates a personal connection with other WeaveUp members, which can result in more sales of your designs and more followers.

Make the most of your profile with our tips, after the jump.

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Your username is visible on the details page of every design you upload, customize, or comment on.

Your username can be fun or straightforward and you have the option of using spaces, numbers, dashes, or underscores. Make sure what you choose is memorable! Users can search the Design Library for your designs by searching your username. The only rule to usernames- it must be longer than 3 characters.

We suggest using your real name, a common nickname, or your business name as a username.


Your photo is automatically cropped into a circle by our software. It is visible on the details page of every design you upload, customize, Tack, Love, or comment on.

It is nice for other users to be able to see your smiling face, but you aren’t restricted to the use of a headshot. You can use a photo of your pet, a design you created, or another image that you own. If your account represents a business or studio, use your logo for consistent branding.


Your description is only visible on your profile page and is the best way for other users to get to know you. Write about your personal aesthetic, what inspires your designs, your business, or what brings you to WeaveUp.

Website & Company

If you have a personal or business website, list it! If you don’t have a website, you can link to a personal social media account or blog. These fields are not required.

Using Boards

Boards allow you to collect designs in a single space. You can organize boards however you like – designs you’ve uploaded, designs you’re considering for a project, or simply designs you like. When you are in the Design Library or on a design’s detail page, you can click the thumbtack button to Tack that design to a board.

Our profiles do not show a user’s uploaded designs automatically. If you are an artist, a great way to showcase your patterns is using public boards. Some artists create one board for all of their designs, some create capsule collections with only a few of their designs.

Threading it all together

The Thread shows activity users are taking on your designs and customizations, as well as the activity of users you follow. You can scroll through “My Activity” to see if anyone has Loved or Tacked your recent customizations. By browsing other user’s activity, you can discover new designs or artists.

You’re all set to create an interesting and informative profile page! If you’re an artist, we encourage you to link to this page from your website, blog, or social profiles – this will help your customers elsewhere find your work quickly.