New York Fashion Week is the most important fashion event of the season. Everyone who’s anyone is there, and this year that list included WeaveUp. We provided custom fabrics for the Stevie Boi collection, CÄBIN. Stevie Boi is the designer behind SBShades. He has worked with Madonna, Lady Gaga and Beyonce, and has been featured in several Vogue editorial shoots.

Stevie Boi collaborated with designer and artist Brockstar on several looks for the collection. Brockstar used WeaveUp’s unique customization tool to create the perfect CÄBIN fabrics. A few days later, he had his custom fabrics – color variations of Moire Wall 2 and Abstract Grain 4.

Read on to hear from Stevie Boi and Brockstar about their inspirations, the power of digital print, and how custom fabrics helped perfect this collection.

Tell us about the CÄBIN collection – what were your inspirations?

Stevie: I wanted to do something that reminded me of my childhood so I created “CÄBIN.” The collection is a flash back to my time in Boy Scouts. I wanted to take elements of scout and mix it with high-fashion.

Brock: Stevie told me to think about Boy and Girl Scouts – that became my biggest source of inspiration. I sent Stevie my first 10 sketches and he loved them, to my surprise. A lot of things changed on the way to the runway, but that’s fashion. 

How did the Stevie Boi – Brockstar collaboration happen?

 S: I knew of his work via Instagram. I always loved his flare and unique style. He is the bubbly pop version of me. I am more dark and edgy.

B: Stevie and I have been following each other on social media for a while. Recently, he made a Facebook post about wanting to collaborate with designers for NYFW. So I sent him and email and BAM! I was creating for NYFW!

Brock, your use of voile for garments was an inspired choice – how did you use the fabric?

B: Well, I like the sheer look for spring/summer. With WeaveUp’s ability to print on all different materials, I couldn’t resist printing on Voile. I have used it in the past and it can definitely be tricky to work with but I managed to pull out a couple pieces, one being a sheer long coat.

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How did WeaveUp’s design options and the ability to change colors help you create the perfect fabrics?

B: WeaveUp is incredibly different from other print companies I’ve used because of their ability to change and match color. As a textile artist myself, I think its cool to be apart of a community to help, use, and share each others’ art but still make it your own. I knew I didn’t have enough time to design everything myself so I have to thank Cassie at Valley Forge for her work that I altered to fit the needs of the collection. 

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How are on-demand printed fabrics changing the game in fashion?

S: I think it’s important to give people the options to freely create what they want. The digital world is taking over everything. Now that designers have the ability to mix tech with fashion it will create a new market for companies to invest in future tech and fashion brand collaborations.

Thanks so much for chatting with us, Stevie & Brock! We can’t wait to see what is in store for you both in 2017. Be sure to follow Stevie Boi on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram; and follow Brockstar on Instagram!