Anyone who has installed window treatments will tell you they are worth the effort. They take a space from looking good to looking finished – they are the “closer” of the interior design world. They can also provide privacy, light filtration, insulation, and can protect your furniture and belongings from the sun’s rays. Plus, they are an excellent way to show off your style in the form of stellar fabrics.

Today we’re going to help you find those stellar fabrics. From heavy-weight and formal to sheer and airy, we’re breaking down the best fabric choices for common window treatments. Read on!

Drapery Panels

Before you start shopping for fabrics, consider your style. Are you looking to add warmth without the drama, or are you hoping to blow your guests away with an eye-dazzling look?

If you are going for casual warmth, start with an unassuming print. Something with simple lines, a textural effect, or subtle color variations. The fabric should drape easily and look relaxed. Our Heavy Linen Texture, Textured Basic, Plain Weave, and Mini Herringbone are just a few great choices for casual drapes.

If you are looking to add high drama to your space, pick a print or design that is large scale, bright, and bold. These prints look particularly great on fabrics with a bit of luster, such as our Luxury Satin, Sateen, and Taffeta Slub. If you are not a fan of shiny fabrics, our Velvet or Matte Chenille would make luxurious, dramatic drapes – just be sure to account for the extra weight of these fabrics when picking out your hardware.

If you’re planning drapes for a bedroom or nursery, consider blackout fabrics. These fabrics block all light from entering a space and can be very beneficial to sleep. WeaveUp has two pre-lined blackout fabrics: Textured Blackout and Sateen Blackout. These are ready to print and sew, no extra work needed. To read more about the benefits of blackout fabrics, check out our handy guide.

Ready to create your perfect drapes? Start with our favorite drapery designs of the moment, here.


Sheers are lightweight, airy, and let in a lot of sunlight. The penetrating light can sometimes obscure the print, so be wary of this when picking patterns. We like to use organic, hand-drawn patterns on a neutral ground. This gives the sheer an airy, relaxed feel.

Our Voile, Batiste, and Faux Linen Sheer fabrics have wonderful drape and let in lots of light. Our Faux Linen is semi-sheer and would be the perfect pick if you’re looking for something between a sheer and a drape.

We’ve collected a few of our favorite designs for sheers here – start shopping today!


Roman Shades

Roman shades are a popular choice for many reasons. They come in a variety of styles to suit any décor, they can be made to raise and lower to control light and privacy, and they can be made using less yardage than traditional drapes.

When Roman shades are lowered, the entire uninterrupted pattern can be seen. For this reason, choose a print that makes a statement.


Your fabric choice depends on the style of shade you’re going for. For a structured shade with handsome folds, choose a medium to heavy weight fabric that can be lined. These include our Duck, Heavy Linen Texture, Sateen, Satin Chenille, Taffeta Slub, and more.

For shades that are relaxed, like butterfly or tie-up shades, pick a fabric with a great drape. Some of our favorites include Faux Linen, Twill, and Textured Basic.

Our favorite shade designs are bold and bright – check them out here.