Looking to make holiday decorations on a dime? Home or office in dire need of some festive feelings?! We’re here with a fantastic and FREE holiday trim DIY. Using fabric from your scrap bucket, you can create holiday decor galore.

We’ll show you how to create a tassel garland using only scrap fabric, for free!


Tassel Garland DIY

Dig through your scrap fabrics. Create a loose color scheme based on what you have in stock. We chose shades of blue, gold, and silver, with pops of coral.

Pick a larger piece of fabric that can serve as the rope for your garland. This should be cut into one long, continuous strip on which to hang your tassels. We made our rope by cutting a thin strip of fabric from the edge of a yard of fabric – we cut around the entire edge of the fabric continuously, eventually spiraling into the center of the yard.


Next, identify smaller scraps for tassels. Cut these scraps into rectangles of varying lengths.

Fold one of these rectangles in half, hamburger style. Starting at the edge opposite the fold, cut strips straight toward the fold, stopping about 1″ from the fold.


Unfold the rectangle and lay the printed or colored side down. Roll the fabric tightly up the uncut center.


Once you have the piece entirely rolled, fold the center over your fabric rope.


Grab a strip of the tassel. Wrap this strip tightly around the top of the tassel, tying it securely in the back with another tassel strip. Make sure the tassel is tied tight enough to the fabric yarn to ensure it doesn’t slide out of position. Repeat this each evenly spaced tassel along your rope.


Once you have more than one tassel on your fabric yarn, be sure to tie all knots on the same side of the tassels to ensure the knots are all on the same side.


Using sticky hooks, nails, or Christmas tree limbs, hang your tassel garland! There’s no need to finish the end of the fabric yarn.


And voila! You’ve created a quick, easy, and FREE tassel garland.


BONUS! Sophisticated Fabric Chain

Remember making those simple paper chains, like this one, in grade school? We love the simplicity of this craft, and since our scrap bucket was still pretty full, we went for it!

Using short strips of fabric, we glued either end together to create this simple, sophisticated fabric chain.


Let us know what you think in the comments, and good luck with your holiday decorating!