If you’re familiar with WeaveUp, you’ve probably heard about our color customization technology. Most designs in our library can be color edited to fit your exact needs.

To showcase the power of our customization technology, we thought we’d flex our creative muscles and create a unique collection – a single design in lots of colorways. The star of the collection is this funky, modern print from Eva Eliasson called Inky Circles. Eva’s design features painterly circles scattered in a whimsical array.

With 9 editable colors, this pattern has a lot of color potential. Our colorways use as little as 2 colors, and as many as 9. We played with both monochromatic depth and vibrant, colorful pairings.

We hope this collection inspires you to revisit your favorite patterns and customize them to a whole new effect! Keep in mind – you can view the existing colorways of a design in the “More Colorways” section of the design page.

We’d love to hear how you play with colorways! Share with us in the comments.