• Textile Design Guide: Organic & Camouflage

Textile Design Guide: Organic & Camouflage

This week’s Textile Design Guide will be exploring a softer side of textile design: organic and camouflage designs. Read on to learn more!


Organic designs draw thematically from nature. They can be animal-esque, botanical based or have a mineral quality. While floral patterns are an age-old textile motif, today we are seeing some more unconventional organic prints. What better way to add a rustic element to a room than a wood grain or pebbled stone texture? Alternatively, watery look fabric is an instant means of creating a peaceful setting. We think that digital fabric printing is a great way to bring nature back into our manmade environments.

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WeaveUp custom organic fabrics


WeaveUp custom organic fabrics

Japanese Fields

WeaveUp custom organic fabrics



In essence, camouflage is a natural device to hide predators and prey alike. This patterning often employs shadows and highlights to create an optical illusion of invisibility. Classic examples include tiger stripes, leopard spots, or snakeskin.

With the advent of modern warfare, the military turned to camouflage as a critical means of self-defense. Gone were the days of red coat armies! Today dappled “camo” can range anywhere from forest greens, to desert sands, or marine blues.

Following the First World War, camouflage began to enter into the civilian culture as a fashion trend. Particularly since the 1980s, this design style has gained popularity. Rather than as a means of merging into the background, nowadays camo is all about standing out. We love how this statement print has been given a digital update, with fresh takes showcasing unusual design details and artistic flair.

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WeaveUp custom camo fabrics


WeaveUp custom camo fabrics

Houndstooth Camo

WeaveUp custom camo fabrics

Jungle Brush

We’ll be off for the holidays, but check back in the new year for another installment of our Textile Design Guide!

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