Here at WeaveUp HQ, we love watching our fabrics bring your designs to life. We’re proud of all of our fabrics, but we’re especially fond of our upholstery-grade fabrics: Heavy Linen Texture, Velvet, Sparkle Chenille, and Matte Chenille.

If you’re contemplating an upholstery project in the new year (or you’re just a fabric junkie), take a peek at our offerings below. Remember – these fabrics can be printed with an original design uploaded to WeaveUp, a color/repeat customization, or a design from our library you already love! All of our fabrics produce stunning, vibrant colors and crisp lines when printed.

Please note – most fabrics will fade when placed in direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time. Take care to place your WeaveUp fabrics away from direct sunlight for an extended period of time.

Heavy Linen Texture

By far our most popular fabric, Heavy Linen Texture is not only suitable for upholstery – consider it for pillows, table linens, quilting, and more. This fabric is strong, sturdy, and can put up with plenty of wear. Plus, the slubby, uneven texture adds interest to both look and feel. This fabric has passed 50,000 double rubs.

When upholstering with Heavy Linen Texture, you should  use a muslin base for added durability and opacity; this is a medium weight upholstery fabric. This cloth is dry clean only, so be mindful when using it around children or in high traffic areas.




If you’re looking for fabric that will have a dramatic impact and hold up well over time, our Velvet is for you. This fabric has a short pile that feels soft and creates a subtle luster. This fabric looks as luxe as it feels – consider using dark colors contrasting lighter hues to really make this cloth pop. Plus, this fabric has passed 100,000+ double rubs.

The tightly woven structure of this fabric means you do not need to use muslin – you can upholster using this fabric alone. Velvet can be machine washed, making it the perfect candidate for removable pillow and slip covers!



Sparkle Chenille

Feeling like there’s not enough sparkle in your life? Cover a chair in our Sparkle Chenille and bam! Problem solved. A silver metallic yarn threads its way through this soft chenille fabric. This fabric has passed 50,000+ double rubs.

This fabric is a medium-to-heavy weight fabric and may need a muslin backing depending on your project. Sparkle Chenille is dry clean only, so be sure to use it in places where falling glasses of red wine are rare.



Matte Chenille

The most muted of our upholstery fabrics, Matte Chenille stuns in it’s own right. The chenille yarns give this fabric a soft, velvety feel. This fabric really shines with printed with dark contrasting colors. This fabric has passed 50,000+ double rubs.

This fabric features a strong nylon backing, so there’s no need for a muslin layer. Matte Chenille is dry clean only, so again – be sure to avoid areas where stains occur more often.




Now that we’ve reviewed the fabrics suitable for actual upholstery, let’s discuss slipcovers. Slipcovers require a strong, sturdy fabric with excellent drape. Many of our fabrics are suitable for slipcovers including Twill, Duck, Mini Herringbone, Plain Weave, Textured Basic, and Satin Chenille.

We highly recommend starting your upholstery project with our WeaveUp Starter Kit – complete with 20 fabric swatches. We also encourage you to order a sample of your design before committing to fabric yardage. You can learn more about all of our fabrics here.

Do you have an upholstery project coming up? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!