At a young age, Analy Diego learned to paint from her grandfather. This artistic foundation carried her through architecture school where she dabbled in pattern design. Now, Analy shares her love of design with students as an Architecture and Design instructor. Meet Analy Diego in this installment of our Featured Artist series.

Where do you live?

I’ve lived in San Antonio, TX since 2003, but I am originally from Mexico. San Antonio is the seventh-most populated city in the United States, as well as one of the fastest growing. The cultural diversity of its inhabitants (one of my main sources of inspiration), as well as its proximity to my original hometown of Laredo, Mexico make it an ideal place for me and my husband to live and work.

Does where you live influence your art?

Absolutely. My art is directly influenced by the world around me, by cultural, social and fashion trends and most importantly, by people. San Antonio, being such a multicultural city, offers me the diversity and inspiration I need to create art.

When did you begin designing textiles? What inspired you to get started?

It all began in architecture school, during my History of Furniture and Textiles class. I have always been attracted to patterns and colors. As I started appreciating the history behind many textiles and patterns, I decided I wanted to create my own, inspired by personal experiences and theories.

How has your creative process changed since you started?

My design process changes every time, depending on the type and scope of the work. Two things that have slightly changed recently are, however, that I now spend more time researching and engaging in dialogue with fellow designers. I welcome feedback and constructive criticism at an earlier stage of the design process. This has really benefited me as it makes my initial idea stronger and therefore “easier” (if there’s such thing) to execute effectively once design development occurs.

What is your preferred medium?

It is a little bit hard to answer that question without sharing how my love for design started and evolved into what it is today. I was introduced into the art world at a young age by my grandfather, a skilled caricaturist. I started painting with watercolor and oils at the age of six, and continue doing so until this day. However, architecture school is what really helped me refine my visual and analytical skills, as well as my appreciation for pattern and color, which eventually became the two main reasons I started using vector art as my main design/art medium today. I like how I can basically carry “my studio, aka. Computer” with me wherever I go. Art can happen anywhere for me as a result, which I find rather enjoyable.

 Where else do you find inspiration?

As an Architecture and Design instructor, I usually find inspiration from my own teachings, as well as from my students, their fresh ideas and views of the world. It is their work, my daily readings, the people around me, and my constant drive to create new art that keeps my mind and hand going.

 What other artists and designers have influenced your work?

I usually draw inspiration from different color theorists and architects, such as Josef Albers, Charles and Ray Eames and Frank Lloyd Wright. Also, Andy Warhol, Joan Miro and Piet Mondrian’s work has always inspired me. Lastly, references to current fashion trends and designers frequently appear in my work.

 How has WeaveUp helped you sell your work and break into new markets?

I will always be eternally grateful to WeaveUp for helping me turn my designs into reality. Their products not only offer the best quality and visual appeal, but have been tested against abrasion, strength and washing. As a result, WeaveUp has been the perfect platform that connects my work to markets that want not only a fabric that looks good, but one that works well and lasts a long time.    

Thanks for chatting with us, Analy! Be sure to follow Analy on Instagram and check out her website. Shop her designs here.